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Write Down the Dates of Our Events Held in 2024!

Choose the events you want to attend this year and save the dates! There are plenty to choose from. Thank you for your visits last year. Thanks to you, we are the largest and most successful modern fairground in the Czech Republic. You can also download the 2024 calendar of events as a PDF file HERE.

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The international construction trade fair FOR ARCH will take place from 19 to 23 September, 2023. Be a part of the largest construction event in the Czech Republic, where the most important manufacturers, suppliers, traders and builders will present themselves. Thanks to the fair, get a great overview of novelties and trends in the construction industry. Establish and strengthen your business contacts! The fair is still the most effective marketing mean for the presentation of companies with appropriate feedback in the form of acquiring new business partners and necessary orders. Personal contact works reliably.


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Trade fairs and events without restrictions

As of March 14, 2022, no extraordinary measures against coronavirus applicable to trade fairs and other events at the exhibition center are in the force. The obligation to wear respirators in enclosed spaces was thus abolished.

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Fairs are coming up. Good news for exhibitors and visitors

Exhibitions and trade fairs experienced a very special year, when they were among the first to be completely closed and the strictest rules applied to them, when it came to short and partial release. The current weakening of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic in recent weeks has also brought news of the gradual opening of segments of the economy, sports or social life. And the first good news already concerns the trade fair sector.

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FOR ARCH 2021: new initiatives and professional meetings

Next year, workers and companies in the entire construction chain will face important challenges, the implementation of which in practice will bring interesting stimulus for the 32nd year of the FOR ARCH construction fair. It will take place on 21-25 September 2021 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE. A significant event was the FOR ARCH trade fair even in the current challenging time, when it took place under extraordinary health and safety measures. What are the main themes that will resonate with construction next year? For example, according to experts, the current problem in the construction industry is a shortage of workers, the negative development of the whole economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the approaching traditional winter downturn. In August, analysts estimated that the construction industry would react with a delay and return to growth in 2022.

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The FOR ARCH 2020 building fair confirmed the status of the largest event of its kind once again!

The FOR ARCH 2020 building fair confirmed the status of the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic once again. Visitors found a plenty of prestigious suppliers, manufacturer's, innovations, experts advice or an interesting accompanying program.

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See the short video report from the FOR ARCH 2020!

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FOR CITY as a trade fair for support of the smart city concepts

The new FOR CITY Trade Fair responds to this newly emerging market and creates space for an inspiring exchange of experience, offer of solutions and technologies, as well as business negotiations between the above-specified target group and its suppliers of innovative technologies and professional services.

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FOR CITY – An innovative solution for communities, towns, cities and regions

The smart city notion refers to the concepts of strategic management of communities, towns, cities or regions, using modern technologies together with the green infrastructure with the objective of increasing the quality of people’s life, going hand in hand with an increase in attractiveness of the given place for living and doing business, and subsequent increase in the economic level of that place.

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MBM FOR ARCH 2019 - successful international b2b event by Enterprise Europe Network

Seventh edition of the b2b event „Matchmaking business meetings (MBM) FOR ARCH“ was organised on 20th September 2019 in Prague within a framework of the biggest Czech construction fair FOR ARCH 2019.

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FOR ARCH 2019 Final Report

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