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FOR CITY – An innovative solution for communities, towns, cities and regions

The smart city notion refers to the concepts of strategic management of communities, towns, cities or regions, using modern technologies together with the green infrastructure with the objective of increasing the quality of people’s life, going hand in hand with an increase in attractiveness of the given place for living and doing business, and subsequent increase in the economic level of that place. This means that smart cities are not any ideal, and therefore unrealistic “cities of the future”, but contemporaneous cities which develop sensitively and in a planned manner, with the use of all possibilities offered by modern technologies together with the green infrastructure for pleasant, and yet sustainable life of their inhabitants.  


The smart city concept therefore creates a new, specific B2B market of innovative technological solutions and support services whose target group includes public administration and public or private organisations in the role of suppliers of various public services for cities.  


FOR CITY will be presented for the first time simultaneously with the building trade fair FOR ARCH 2020 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany.


FOR CITY target group: Visitors from among representatives of communities, towns, cities and regions, state administration employees, architects, designers, businesspersons, technicians, specialists, active inhabitants, students.


FOR CITY exhibitors: suppliers of technologies and services for smart cities, towns, communities and regions, where the smart city concepts are already running and who want to present their services.


Term of the trade fair: 22 – 24 September 2020

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