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Wooden solutions for construction provide its users with many advantages. From the speed of the construction to low operating costs. Wooden buildings enable you to reach the energy-efficient or even passive standard in your building.

Leading companies engaged in wooden construction will present their newest solutions to both end clients and B2B visitors. FOR ARCH is thus a unique opportunity to find suppliers as well as distributors within the Czech market.

The Czech building industry starts to grow again and an important support for this trend is also the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH

The performance of the Czech building industry will return to a slight growth in the upcoming two years again after the unfavourable year 2016. The forecasts of building companies are, however, rather cautious. According to their estimations, the building production should grow in 2017 annually on average by 2.7 per cent, when the positive development is expected by almost three quarters of directors and representatives of building firms. More pessimistic expectations are reported in the outlook of this year especially by the firms focused on engineering constructions and large building companies. On the other hand, this year should be successful for companies focused on building construction and small and medium-sized firms. Nevertheless, besides building companies, optimistic expectations come also from people who plan renovations and building a house in a single-handed manner. In the long-term outlook the growth of the Czech building industry should continue at a slight rate of 1.5 per cent.

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Trade fair FOR ARCH 2017 is experiencing record high interest of exhibitors

Number of exhibition spaces for the FOR ARCH fair is rapidly declining, interest in them is great. 28th International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH will be held from 19 till 23 September 2017 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany. Novelty for exhibitors and visitors will be the new hall, which would be built on the site of the current Hall no. 7 and which will offer together with larger exhibition area much more comfort.

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Are smart households safe?

Alarm systems are one of smart homes‘ elements. As intelligent household is maximum opened, connected and liberal, alarm systems have the task to protect inhabitants and users of building. It aspires to the complete opposite, and despite the fact that in each of the installed security system is now very easily sharing data virtually anywhere in the "local and global" network. A prerequisite is also integration with other systems, whether safety, operational or personal.

Use of alarm systems in intelligent buildings should be built on their primary use, protection. If it were not, it could be just an illusion of safety. It is possible that rapidly evolving technology also allows for a connection that will not be favourable for one or the another system (smart/security).

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New things waiting for you within FOR ARCH 2017

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is the largest event of this type in the Czech Republic, was extraordinarily successful again. Altogether 841 exhibitors presented their expositions there, 67 of them coming from abroad from 15 countries of the world, and the number of visitors thus exceeded the limit of 71,000 persons. This success would not have been possible without involvement of our long-term partners, and therefore we would like to express our thanks for the demonstrated support to the general partner of the trade fair, the ČEZ Group, to the car manufacturing company FORD for official cars of the trade fair, to the organisations and other institutions which provided their auspices for the event, as well as to all our professional and media partners. At the same time we would like to express our great thanks also to all visitors whose support is at the same time a great challenge for us in the future as well.

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Plan of the Exhibition

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This year's 27th edition shifted the FOR ARCH fair again a bit higher


At this year’s International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH which was held at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre on 20 to 24 September 2016 it was possible to see presentations of altogether 841 exhibitors, 67 of which being from abroad, from 15 countries of the world. Together with the simultaneously held trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA, the Exhibition Centre was visited by more than 71,000 people who admired excellent composition of exhibitors, including top leaders of the sectors, and also the rich accompanying programme of conferences, lectures and B2B negotiations. In many cases, record breaking participation was registered at individual events, which just proves the continuing great interest of professionals as well as the general public in the building sector.

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Year of Crafts at FOR ARCH: Drones and clever households

Year of Crafts at FOR ARCH: Drones and clever households

How do traditional crafts look like in the digitalisation era? Why must craftsmen in Germany be able to completely connect a smart household and for what purpose do they use drones? These facts and many other interesting things were presented to participants of the Czech-German Craft Dialogue, which was organised by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic (AMSP ČR) together with the Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts on 22 September 2016 at the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016. The event presented the latest world trends in the development of trades and crafts at participation of domestic and German masters of individual sectors, guild masters and representatives of both the governments.

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Exhibition of Indonesian companies opened by Indonesian ambassador along with the delegation

The ceremonial opening of the fair FOR ARCH was also attended by the Indonesian delegation of senior state officials led by the Indonesian Ambassador His Excellency Mr. A. Aulia Rachman and the CEO of the Department of the United States and European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Mr. Muhammad Anshor.

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Matchmaking Business Meetings FOR ARCH 2016 - Another edition of successful international event closed

The fourth edition of international matchmaking Business meetings FOR ARCH was held on Trade Fair FOR ARCH at the exhibition area PVA EXPO PRAHA in Letnany on 22 September 2016.

This year's attendance was the highest, total of 121 companies from 12 countries have signed up! Besides ABF a.s. the event was organized by members of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic and Handwerkskammer Dresden in cooperation with partners from EEN and other institutions.

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Winners of the 2016 GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit

The GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit, which is organised by the ABF, a. s. company, has taken place at the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 this year as well. The competition was attended by altogether 41 registered products, and after the careful studying of the ground materials and on the basis of presentation of exhibits of the firms in the course of the first day of the trade fair the Jury granted five GRAND PRIX awards and six HONOURABLE MENTIONS without specifying any detailed order.

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FOR ARCH found a new topic for 2017

The first big news regarding the 2017 FOR ARCH international building trade fair is a new topic that will be included in the exhibition. The topic is current trends and new solutions in the field of security technologies, protection of buildings, security services and IT and cyber security – a topic which becomes more and more important each day.

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The FOR ARCH 2016 Trade Fair is opening its gates just today!

The twenty-eighth edition of the largest International Building Trade Fair in the Czech Republic is opening its gates for visitors this afternoon. The FOR ARCH Trade Fair is held at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre and will last till Saturday, 24 September. More than eight hundred exhibitors from fifteen countries of the world will present there the latest trends from the field of the building industry on an exhibition area of almost 21,000 square metres.

Within the framework of the accompanying programme it is furthermore possible to attend specialised conferences with participation of leading personalities in the sector, important nation-wide architectonic competitions as well as a practical programme for entrepreneurs and the general public.  A great innovation compared to previous editions is given by various daily topics - quality of products, energy performance management, professional education, smart house concepts and self-built house constructions. Newly it will be possible to use also the independent BUILDING ADVISORY CENTRE where professionals will provide, free of charge, useful advice within the framework of the daily topics focused on the ways of how to manage various construction issues. In terms of additional topics, FOR ARCH will be complemented by the accompanying trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA.


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The most serious problem of wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility

Directors of designing companies consider the relatively high combustibility of wood to be the most serious disadvantage of the building use of wood. On the other hand, the possibility of mould attacks causes the least concern. This conclusion implies from the analysis which was prepared by the analytical company “CEEC Research” for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH.

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Lecture on wellness and SPA in Italian style and design

This year's conference will be a unique event as it will present the Italian style and design in the world of wellness and SPA. Come and see the HOTEL WELLNESS & SPA Conferenece which will be held within the BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA trade fair on 20-24 September 2016 in Prague. The event will present MARIO SANTINI, a remarkable Italian architect who has been engaged for many years in designing and construction of wellness centres. Mario Santini is an enthusiastic professional with passion for relaxation, namely saunas. He is the founder and president of the Italian Sauna Association. He actively takes part in sauna ceremonials as a sauna master, and this is not his first time in the Czech Republic – he is an avid participant of many events that are held here. Among sauna professionals and the enlightened public, he is popular due to his taking part in the top sauna contests, such as SaunaFest or Sauna Herbal Cup. Owing to his passion for wellness and saunas, he seeks to connect architecture with wellness, and it is on this topic that he is having his lecture within the conference. For more information (and for registration to the conference), visit

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Do not forget to register to free B2B Business meetings at FOR ARCH 2016!

Do not miss Matchmaking Business Meetings FOR ARCH 2016, free B2B Business meetings for all interested companies,buyers, or individuals from the construction field taking place on 22 September 2016 at FOR ARCH in the Congress hall in the Entrance hall II.

Are you doing business in the building industry and are you looking for new contacts on the European market, are you thinking about extension of your activities to the Czech Republic? Are you looking for new business partners, local distributors or vendors?

Application form



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Recuperation units are required by almost three quarters of customers of design companies

Prague, 29 August 2016 – Almost three quarters of customers of design companies require inclusion of a recuperation unit during preparation of constructions. The situation is, however, rather different at firms dealing especially with engineering constructions where they are required for one fifth of designs only. These conclusions imply from the analysis which was prepared for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH by the analytical company “CEEC Research”.

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The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to introduce a comfort and environment-friendly digital household of the future

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held at the end of September in Prague-Letňany, has chosen, as one of the current topics, also the so-called “smart house” which is able, through its structure and technologies used, to ensure maximum comfort and energy-efficient environment for the people living there. A special ELEKTRO section will be reserved in the hall number 4 to the firms which are active in this sector. The general partner of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 is the ČEZ group.

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The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to bring a conference on designing and implementation of successful wellness operations

In the order already the eleventh edition of the BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA Trade Fair, focused on design solutions and operation of swimming pools, bathing lakes and wellness facilities will be held this year on the exhibition area of PVA EXPO PRAGUE on 20 to 24 September. Within the framework of the trade fair, also the second edition of the HOTEL WELLNESS & SPA conference will be held. The conference is intended for the staff, representatives and managers of hotel wellness and SPA centres.

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Plan of the exhibition centre

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FOR ARCH to support building trades and establishment of cooperation with foreign companies

One of the core topics of this year’s FOR ARCH Trade Fair, which is to be held at the end of September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, will be the support of vocational training. The final round of the competition presentation of building trades and crafts known as SUSO will take place within the framework of this approach as well. This event will be accompanied also by another edition of the popular bilateral business negotiations known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS and by the conference of directors of European Craft Chambers. Already in a few days, on Thursday, 2 June, the conference CROSSROADS OF ARCHITECTURE will be held in the National Technical Museum in Prague focused on the topic “Cultural landscape: changes, creation, protection”.

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Rich accompanying programme of FOR ARCH 2016

The 27th FOR ARCH International Building Trade Fair will take place on 20-24 September 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre. For the first time in its history, it will present a different daily topic for each day of the event. Visitors will thus be able to learn about the issue of product and material quality, energy efficiency of buildings, ventilation systems, professional training in the construction sector, the “smart building” phenomenon and self-made construction work. Professionals at the CONSULTANCY CENTRE will give visitors expert advice according to the daily topic. Within its exposition, the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic will provide information on state-funded subsidies.

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Final Report 2015

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The FOR ARCH presentation in Spain a big success

We would like to thank everybody who visited the booth of FOR ARCH at the CEVISAMA trade fair in Valencia, Spain, where the FOR ARCH trade fair was presented within the cooperation between FERIA VALENCIA and PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

We are pleased that new foreign exhibitors and business partners expressed a desire to take part in FOR ARCH, which proves that the scope of the largest Czech construction trade fair is getting increasingly international. Go see the event for yourself on 20-24 September 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre in Prague, Czech Republic. The 27th FOR ARCH building trade fair will be accompanied by an extensive accompanying programme and numerous lectures and seminars. 


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Matchmaking Business Meetings FOR ARCH 2016- Registration has started!

Are you doing business in the building industry and are you looking for new contacts on the European market, are you thinking about extension of your activities to the Czech Republic? Are you looking for new business partners, local distributors or vendors?

If yes, then the invitation to the fourth edition of popular B2B business meetings known as Matchmaking Business Meetings at the FOR ARCH 2016 Trade Fair is intended just for you. These meetings will be held on Thursday, September 22, from 9:00 to 16:00 hours.

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FOR ARCH presents itself at the CEVISAMA exhibition in Valencia

On 2-5 February 2016, FOR ARCH will be represented at FERIA VALENCIA in Spain, a partner of PVA EXPO PRAGUE, within the CEVISAMA trade fair. The FOR ARCH stand will invite visitors to join the 27th FOR ARCH International Building Trade Fair, which will be held on 20-24 September 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.


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The FOR ARCH Trade Fair will be focused also on support of technical education this year

The first topic of the International Trade Fair FOR ARCH announced this year is support of technical education, whose importance has been continually growing for several years. Within the framework of popularisation of building trades and crafts, the trade fair will become the place of another final round of the SUSO competition as well. This competition presentation has been attended, since its beginning in 1996, by more than 4,500 selected pupils accompanied by more than 1,700 teachers, and on average approximately 80 specialised technical schools could present their work and art there. The first qualification round of this competition focused on craftsmanship and craft skills will be held, for the regions of Prague, Central Bohemia and Northern Bohemia, on January 22-23 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre. The qualification rounds for other regions, including Slovakia, will always follow in monthly intervals.



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Extension of business negotiations at the International Building Trade Fairs FOR ARCH arouse great interest and received positive feedbacks

Already the third edition of the B2B business negotiations among representatives of building firms, entrepreneurs and other institutions in the building industry was held at the largest Building Trade Fair in the Czech Republic FOR ARCH 2015 (September 15-19, 2015).

After two editions of Czech-German negotiations, the event was substantially extended so that all involved foreign firms looking for contacts, partners, suppliers or distributors in the Czech Republic could take part in the negotiations.

The interest in the new concept of the event was very high, as business negotiations were attended by 102 registered firms from 11 countries, whereby this event achieved a regular international dimension.

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Partnership with Feria Valencia

The PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center and the FOR ARCH trade fair have established a partnership Feria Valencia exhibition center in Spain.


FOR ARCH, an established international building trade fair, now cooperates with the Spanish CEVISAMA trade fair. This cooperation lays foundation for a partnership between the two exhibition centers. “We are very pleased to be partners of such an important event like CEVISAMA. We expect this business cooperation to beneficial to us as well as for our exhibitors who can thus participate in trade fairs at both exhibition centers for preferential prices,” says Jana Kočišková, Head of Foreign Trade Department ...

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