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FOR ARCH 2017 to Bring Many Interesting Competitions and Conferences

FOR ARCH 2017 to Bring Many Interesting Competitions and Conferences

New place for presentation of GRAND PRIX competition products and technologies



It will be for the first time at all when the exhibitors who got registered for the GRAND PRIX competition are to have a possibility of presenting, free of charge, their competition exhibits or technologies in the specially prepared TECHNOLOGICAL FORUM – GRAND PRIX exposition. The presentations will take place in the Hall 1 in its mobile hall. The hall is equipped with a projector and a screen, and the exhibitors can present there their technological innovations to the general public, or they can organise a small press conference. The reservation of particular time and term will be possible after the launching of the registration platform on 15 August. Those interested should not hesitate with their application for too long because the number of free terms is limited. For more information please visit in the Grand Prix section.






Great final for the title of the best craftsmen and craftswomen of the year



Within the framework of the FOR ARCH Trade Fair, also this year it will be possible to follow the nation-wide final round of the competition presentation of building trades and crafts known as SUSO, which is to be attended by about forty talented young bricklayers and joiners. The final round of the best craftsmen and craftswomen of this age generation will be held in four days from 19 to 22 September in the premises of the Hall 6, where they have to master, under supervision of experts from the competition partner companies, technical assignments from both the theory and practice. “Thanks to the project partners the apprentices are given an excellent opportunity of working with top technologies and top materials, which means that visitors can look forward to seeing a lot of interesting things,” says David Surmaj, Competition Manager. The winners will be subsequently declared as the best young craftsmen and craftswomen of the Czech Republic and Slovakia for 2017. This year’s final round will be a celebration of the twenty-year cooperation with the general partner – the company Wienerberger, cihlářský průmysl.






The latest trends in the area of fire safety



A key factor in the building industry is also fire safety, and therefore this topic will be the central point of the second edition of the conference known as FIRE SAFETY OF BUILDINGS which is to be held on Thursday 21 September 2017 within the framework of the accompanying programme of the FOR ARCH Trade Fair and is organised by the largest building portal for professionals in the Czech Republic – TZB-info. The conference will be focused on current trends of fire safety in the field of technical equipment of buildings, the issue of steel structures as well as wooden buildings, including fire safety of the buildings which are a cultural monument. Discussions will be held about the influence on practice of the new standard for cables, and the participants will not be missing a specialised lecture focused on negative experience implying from statistics relating to fires. In the part focused on technical systems the participants interested in these issues will be made familiar with innovations in the fire fighting systems, sprinkler technologies, systems aimed at permanent reduction of oxygen content as well as with the use of drones for documentation of fires. For getting registered for participation at the conference click here.






Can architecture change the world?



After several years the conference known as Crossroads of Architecture returns back into the specialised programme of the trade fair. This conference is to be held on Thursday 21 September 2017 as well. “By inhabiting we are changing our surroundings and the environment, we are changing also the way in which we inhabit and use the world,” says A. Kalach, Master of Mexican Architecture and Guest of this year’s Crossroads of Architecture, while commenting the main topic of the event. The lecture programme and subsequent discussion will be moderated by Adam Gebrian, important promoter and at the same time also reviewer of the architecture. Through connection with the FOR ARCH Building Trade Fair, the conference organiser emphasises the close professional integrity between the builder and the architect. After the previous on-line registration, the participation in this accompanying event will be free of charge for those interested. The lecture of Mexican Architect Kalach will be preceded by the best works in the Young Architect Award competition and the winners will take over their prizes directly from the hands of Albert Kalach.





At the FOR ARCH 2017 Trade Fair you will be also able to get yourselves convinced that for example ČEZ has entered into the 21st century with its customers. This can be evidenced by the innovative products and services which use energy in a more environment-friendly way, increase customer comfort and save their expenses. An example is, among other things, the smart thermostat “tado°” capable of learning the habits of the entire family, or the supply of a photovoltaic power plant on a turnkey basis with advantageous financing. At the same time visitors can look forward already now to the brand-new sector of the trade fair focused on current trends and technologies in the area of security technology, systems of protection of buildings and security services. 




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