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Are smart households safe?

Are smart households safe?

Alarm systems are one of smart homes‘ elements. As intelligent household is maximum opened, connected and liberal, alarm systems have the task to protect inhabitants and users of building. It aspires to the complete opposite, and despite the fact that in each of the installed security system is now very easily sharing data virtually anywhere in the "local and global" network. A prerequisite is also integration with other systems, whether safety, operational or personal.

Use of alarm systems in intelligent buildings should be built on their primary use, protection. If it were not, it could be just an illusion of safety. It is possible that rapidly evolving technology also allows for a connection that will not be favourable for one or the another system (smart/security).

Besides alarm systems smart homes and smart households are already offering the option of automatic switching on and switching off the lights, dimming, color choice or lighting scenes, control of heating and setting individual temperature in each room, controlled ventilation, water heating, control of audio/video systems, pool technologies, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators and even feeders for pets, watering gardens. Smart homes simply increase the comfort of home or work life. This way equipped buildings, for example, at the beginning of a storm closes roof windows automatically, lights in empty rooms extinguish themselves, or in heated rooms turns off heating. “Security systems are no longer just care about safety, but also offer extensive automation and smart features, which are no less attractive. The big advantage of such complex systems is also ease of control, which is due to the remote control possible with applications. Users can remotely control the situation in the house or turn on the heating before arriving at place,” says Michal Ježek, product manager of electronic safety system from company Jablotron.

More information, advices and inspiration interested in living and building security persons would be able to obtain on the International Building Fair FOR ARCH, which takes place at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE from 19 to 23 September 2017. Companies offering intelligent building technologies and security systems would present at the Hall 4.

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