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The most serious problem of wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility

The most serious problem of wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility

Directors of designing companies consider the relatively high combustibility of wood to be the most serious disadvantage of the building use of wood. On the other hand, the possibility of mould attacks causes the least concern. This conclusion implies from the analysis which was prepared by the analytical company “CEEC Research” for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH.


The main disadvantage of the wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility, according to directors of the designing companies. More than one half of them (53 per cent) shared this view in their answers. Concerning the remaining part of respondents, the most serious problems of the use of wood are, in their opinion, its limited lifetime (17 per cent of directors), humidity issues (16 per cent of directors) and pest attacks (13 per cent of directors). Only an absolute minimum (1 per cent) had concerns about increased occurrence of moulds as the main disadvantage. Major differences appeared in the answers of representatives of the companies dealing with preparation of engineering constructions. Higher combustibility compared to other materials is the main disadvantage of the building use of wood for two thirds of them (65 per cent), while less than one tenth had concerns about the limited lifetime (7 per cent).


On Tuesday, 20 September, the first of the daily topics of the Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held from 20 to 24 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, will be prepared for those interested - namely the issues of quality of products and materials, including the rating figures. During the course of the event, the visitors will learn how attestations and certifications of products and materials are carried out, in what way building products are assessed, what is necessary to do for successful placement on the market of a product and how this important topic is resolved in legal regulations and European standards. Besides this, an independent BUILDING CONSULTANCY CENTRE (SPC) will be prepared for visitors in the ENTRANCE HALL II, where specialised experts are to answer various questions from the field of the building industry free of charge.




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