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Recuperation units are required by almost three quarters of customers of design companies

Recuperation units are required by almost three quarters of customers of design companies

Prague, 29 August 2016 – Almost three quarters of customers of design companies require inclusion of a recuperation unit during preparation of constructions. The situation is, however, rather different at firms dealing especially with engineering constructions where they are required for one fifth of designs only. These conclusions imply from the analysis which was prepared for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH by the analytical company “CEEC Research”.


The inclusion of recuperation units during preparation of new constructions is required, according to directors of design companies, by almost three quarters of customers (72 per cent). In one third of cases (33 per cent) the matter concerns residential constructions and in two fifths of cases (39 per cent) it concerns non-residential premises. Two fifths of customers (39 per cent) do not require inclusion of recuperation units. In the case of design companies dealing especially with building constructions, the interest is even still higher and in residential buildings, recuperation units are required by 40 per cent of customers, whereas in non-residential buildings it is 43 per cent of customers that require them. A very large deviation from the average values is stated by companies dealing with engineering constructions where customers require installation of recuperation units only in non-residential buildings (18 per cent) and the entire four fifths (82 per cent) are not interested in recuperation units.

Wednesday, 21 September, will be focused, within the framework of individual daily topics of the FOR ARCH Building Trade Fair, which is to be held on 20-24 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, on management of energy performance of buildings and ventilation concepts. In the course of the trade fair it will be also possible to visit a specialised lecture entitled “Heating and Ventilation in Modern Saving Buildings”, where customers will be able to get themselves familiar, in a detailed way, with issues of energy efficient constructions. The explanation will be focused on the use of alternative energy resources and will present solutions based on solar heating and cooling, use of biomass in buildings, heat pumps, possibly with the use of energy of the surrounding environment. The topic of savings that can be achieved during the actual operation will not be missing either. Besides the above mentioned events, an independent BUILDING CONSULTANCY CENTRE (SPC) will be prepared for visitors at the ENTRANCE HALL II, where the experts will answer your questions from the field of construction activities free of charge.

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